TropicalLustXXX - Megan and Kendra's Dinner Date


TropicalLustXXX - Megan and Kendra's Dinner Date
Kendra has been missing her BFF Megan, so she decides to stop by Megan's house for a dinner date! They both have been having a lot of relationship issues with there men so they just need some GIRL time together. Megan and Kendra start to make-out and feel up on each other. Megan goes down on Kendra until she CUMS so hard!! Kendra returns the favor of course until Megan goes and gets her strap-on! Kendra is so surprised and ready to get fucked! Before too long has gone by Kendra says when is your man going to be home? Megan completely forgot about the time and said any minute now he could walked through that door! They booth hurry along to get cleaned up so no one knows about there little dinner date!

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